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Selena in 1990: 19 years old

duneykush said:
so... i was tlkin to this badd ass model on twitter and now im lookin at her tumblr & i think thats bad azz too !! :) lol

I answered:

Awee haha thank you!

How I am feeling right now, literally.


Sato Shintaro


Panda Saves Cody
Continuing with epic themed posts today, here is a shot that came out of the annual invite-only photography event Phoot Camp.  

I had this tiger with us from April Maystakes, and Mark Lobo had the idea to have Neil jump over it, but I thought it would be better if he was wearing a panda head and saving Cody who was leisurely watching the sky from a bear rug, as one does.

Check out Phoot Camp on Tumblr (using Inspire Well) to see a collection of all the work from this year and prior years’ Phoot Camp.


An art installation of a melting fan sits on display in a subway station, June 9, 2011, in Atlanta. Sweltering temperatures across half the country had people doing what they could to stay cool. (David Goldman/AP Photo)
Today in Pictures.

Moment of Thought..

    So I cried a little today and really I don’t know why, sometimes I don’t feel as worthy as I am suppose to feel. Maybe it is out of guilt? Maybe I just do not know how to let go of my past even if I did the impossible to make it right, we all get weak but why am I so weak right now? I don’t want to be weak, I always want to be strong for me and those…I wish I knew but I just need to collect myself and keep on doing what I need to do..


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